Rector Search

Current status: Receiving names

The Committee is pleased to announce that our profile has been produced and approved by the Diocese. Besides being available on our website here, our Profile is available to potential candidates through a number of national venues.

It is our sincere prayer that our parishioners share this link to our Profile far and wide, encouraging potential candidates to prayerfully search their hearts and consider applying for our open position. We also prayer that qualified candidates searching for their next parish home find this profile, read our profile with open hearts and discerning souls. 

Parishioners: While we cannot share the status of any individual candidate with you, we are happy to answer any of your general questions about the Search and our current phase. 

Candidates: If you are preparing your application and have questions about our parish, your application, or your status, please email us directly. Our email address is:

Click here to see the profile. 


Our vestry commissioned a committee of parishioners to search for and eventually call the person who will be our next Rector. We believe that we have a strong, diverse and prayerful group that represents the whole parish: Kyra Wilson Cook, Peter Foley, David Gronewold, Ellen Jennings, Peter Keating, Tica de Moor, Rob Parker, Kay Peterson, Jon Small and Jen Varney. Please keep them all in your prayers and ask the Holy Spirit to guide them.

After spending some time in introspection, describing who we are as a parish and describing the type of priest we would like to call, the committee will look at resumes, read (listen to/watch) sample sermons, discuss possibilities, and eventually meet with the candidates they find most promising. Parishes generally take 12 to 18 months in their search.