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"How are the poor in Nicaragua faring?"

The Nicaraguan political crisis of 2018 killed 317 people and had disastrous economic consequences. On May 19 at 11:30 am, we’ll be joined by Sarah Woodard of the Center for Development in Central America (CDCA), a community that works to alleviate poverty and encourages sustainable economic development, organic agriculture, education, and health care. Sarah will be introduced by Grace Sweetser, a young adult who grew up at St. Anne’s and spent six months working with CDCA.

Sarah says, “The CDCA has been called to work with, and speak on behalf of, the poor in our area of Nicaragua, to share their lives and stories with folks in the US, bridging the gap between us to better understand the global and environmental connections between our communities.”

Tax-deductible donations and pledges are encouraged. Proceeds from fair trade crafts go on to the operating expenses of the project.