Whom to Contact About...

Babies and baptism

If a new baby is born:
Call or email the parish office so that we can include your child’s name in our prayer list and enter the birth date in your family’s records.

If you desire the Sacrament of Holy Baptism:
Baptisms are customarily celebrated on four specified Sundays of the year. Call or email the parish office to learn about our baptism preparation.

Becoming an Episcopalian

If you want to become an Episcopalian:
Call or email the parish office.


If you have a question about the church nursery:
Email Sarah Jennings, Director of Children's Formation.

If you want to enroll your child in Church School or volunteer to assist:
Email Sarah Jennings, Director of Children's Formation. 


If you want communion brought to you while homebound:
Call or email the parish office.


If you are interested in adult or youth confirmation:
Call or email the parish office.

Contact information

If your contact information changes—phone number, address, email address, etc.:
Call or email the parish office so that we can keep your records current.

Flower donation

You want to give altar flowers on a Sunday:
Call or email the parish office, and we'll put you in touch with Tara Mitchellchell, a member of the Altar Guild.

Illness or deaths

If you are going to the hospital and would like prayers or visits:
Call the parish office to let the clergy know that you are to be hospitalized. When you are admitted to the hospital, let the hospital staff know that you are a member of St. Anne’s in-the-Fields Episcopal Church in Lincoln. Hospital visitation is done by lay pastoral callers as well as the clergy. 

If you are confined to your home because of illness:
Call the parish office. Regular calls to those who are home-bound are made by the clergy and lay pastoral callers.

If you are faced with a death in your family:
Call the parish office as soon as possible. There is always a clergy person prepared to assist you in an emergency. Be sure not to set the time for the funeral before contacting the clergy.

Joining St. Anne’s

If you want to join St. Anne's:
Call or email the parish office.


If you are planning to be married:
Long before securing a date for the ceremony, call or email the parish office for an appointment with one of the clergy. The canons of the church require adequate time for planning and counseling. More time is needed in cases where a divorce is involved.

Music and choir

If you would like to learn more about or join the choirs:
Email the Director of Music

Parish life

If you want to contact a fellow parishioner:
Stop by the parish office and pick up a copy of the parish directory or email directory.

If you want to join a commission:
Speak with a member of the clergy.

If you want to pledge to St. Anne’s:
Call the Treasurer or email Finance Manager Beth Thompson.

If you want to be on the Vestry:
Speak with a member of the Vestry or a member of the clergy to learn more about Vestry leadership.

If you need a copy of the Sales Tax Exempt Certificate:
Parishioners should take a copy and present it when purchasing items for church use. Copies are available through Jennie Cook, Parish Administrator, so please email her for one.


If you want to request prayer:
Call or email the parish office or speak with the clergy to have a person placed on our prayer list. Recipients of prayer stay on the list for three weeks. The names of those who have died stay on the prayer list for one week.

Rental requests

If you have a rental request or want to reserve a room for meeting use:
Email the parish office.