Participating in Worship Leadership

Our worship relies on participants and leaders of all ages throughout the congregation, including opportunities for children, youth, and adults.


We invite all students into the ministry of service as an acolyte, beginning in the spring of fourth grade. Acolytes are trained to carry the cross, light and carry the torch and hold the Gospel, and they lead the opening and closing processions at the 10 am services. Some choose to wear their “St. Anne's Torch Team” t-shirts to stay cool under their robes! In this ministry, teens and older elementary students have more time to bond and experience some of the roles we all play as contributors to a parish family.

If you are interested in joining the acolytes, please email Sarah Jennings.

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adult Worship Leaders

If you are interested in helping to lead worship as a lector, lay eucharistic minister, or usher, please email Kristina DeFrancesco.

Worship Participants Schedule

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Sunday, April 14
Palm Sunday

Thursday, April 18
Maundy Thursday

Friday, April 19
Good Friday

Saturday, April 20
The Great Vigil

Sunday, April 21
Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 28
Easter 2

Altar Guild

Nancy Torti, Tom Black




Kerry Hoffman, Laurie Flanagan

Kerry Hoffman, Tara Mitchell


8 am Service




8:30 am Service

8 am Service


Pete Foley




Murray Nicolson, Lisa and Tom Shively

Pete Foley


Mike Balin




Gretchen Schuler, CJ Coppersmith

Lois Tetreault


Deb Howe




Kevin O’Connell, Al Rossiter

Jim Ritchie









10 am Service

7 pm Service

12 pm Service

7 pm Service

11 am Service

10 am Service


Rawson Hubbell, Peter Jennings

Joan Perera Open

Murray Nicolson, Maria Rose

Steve Creavin, Paul DeFrancesco

Rawson Hubbell Open Open

Anne Jones, Alex Chatfield


Paul DeFrancesco, Kristina DeFrancesco

Mary Kitses, Wen Stephenson

Kristina DeFrancesco, CJ Coppersmith

Peter Caswell, Kristina DeFrancesco

Dave Marsh, Mark Flanagan

Beth Creavin, Kyra Cook


Jean Monroe, Jon Small

Carol Carmody

Jim Ritchie

Tom Black, Jon Small

Heather Martino, Emma Chung, Kristina DeFrancesco

Al Rossiter, Rebecca Curtin








Coffee Hour

Jennifer Masters





Alex Chatfield








5 pm service







Memorial flowers





Easter insert





4 pm Family Service




Vestry Person





Carol Lovell Carmody

Peter Caswell