Youth at St. Anne’s

Our middle-school and high-school youth programs build on the children’s formation program, but teenagers who are new to St. Anne’s are always welcome to join us.

Email the Rev. Greg Johnston if you have questions or would like more information.

Jesus Project

7th and 8th grade students follow an original curriculum called The Jesus Project, developed at St. Anne’s. They consider the life and identity of Jesus: Who was he? What did he do? And why does it matter for us? As they begin to take responsibility for their own lives, students engage with questions about their faith and our church.


Confirmation is the ritual by which Episcopalians reaffirm the promises made on their behalf at their baptism, take responsibility for their lives as adult members of the Church, and receive strength for their lives as Christians through the bishop’s prayer and laying on of hands. Students preparing for confirmation meet regularly with the clergy, preparing for the confirmation service and studying the history and spirituality of the Episcopal Church.