Lent 3 - John Finley (3/24/19)

For the Third Sunday in Lent, we were joined by the Rev. John Finley, Head of Epiphany School, a middle school for economically-disadvantaged students. “In thinking about humility, I was remembering the personal experience I had at the gym with a muscle-bound personal trainer trying to sell me on getting a ‘Fit 3D Scan.’…I explained to my friend that I already knew that I had an unrealistic body image; I also think I’m smarter than I am, kinder, more generous. This web of self-deception is precious and dear to me! I did not get that scan. On the other hand, I do believe that God scans me inside and out. But that’s different, because I know that God really loves me.“

Lectionary Readings:
Exodus 3:1-15;
1 Corinthians 10:1-13;
Luke 13:1-9;
Psalm 63:1-8

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