Easter 7 - Greg Johnston (6/2/19)

“Within just months of the resurrection, this joyous victory parade has taken a surprise turn. Jesus, who has seemingly returned to lead his disciples as they transform the world, who appears to have conquered death itself to reign as king over all creation, goes away. He leaves behind a movement of disciples who, far from being dismayed that they’re losing Jesus a second time over, are instead emboldened and invigorated, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit as they continue to proclaim in every time and place: ‘The Lord is King.’ So what on earth is going on?“ Greg preaches on the last Sunday in the season of Easter.

Lectionary Readings:
Acts 16:16-34;
Revelation 22:12-14,16-17,20-21;
John 17:20-26;
Psalm 97