Garrett Yates's First Sunday - Pentecost 10 (8/18/19)

“First sermons are a little bit like first dates. Here I am: I want to do well. I want to come off as ‘just right’ – just funny enough, just insightful enough, wise but not lacking in spontaneity. There you are. Wanting to appear a healthy, fun-loving group of people with whom a young rector would love to spend years. But just as I was preparing for a crisp, polished sermon, just as I was hoping for a pleasant and straightforward message of God’s love – here comes Jesus interrupting it all: ‘I came to bring fire upon the earth; I didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword of division.’”

Garrett preaches on his first Sunday at St. Anne’s.

Lectionary Readings:
Isaiah 5:1-7;
Psalm 80:1-2, 8-18;
Luke 12:49-56